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The Testncal Laboratory is accredited as per ISO/IEC:17025:2005 by NABL, Department of Science & Technology for Electro-Technical (Certificate No- C-1512) & Mechanical (Certificate No- C-1512). High accuracy master equipments, trained personnel & strict environmental conditions are maintained to ensure low uncertainty of measurements. Calibration Certificates issued by the Laboratory establishes traceability to international or national standards. OUR FACILITIES & SERVICES • Electro Technical Parameter, Mechanical & Speed Parameter • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited • NABL Accredited • National on-site service • Traceable through the NABL • Highly experienced Calibration Technicians • Certificates of calibration included • Out of tolerance data readings included • 24/7 online access to your calibration records • Reminder letter and email notifications • Free pickup and delivery to local area customers • Veteran owned and operated • AMC for complete calibration work Electro Technical Parameter:- 1. AC/DC Voltage Meter 2. Digital Multi Meter (DMM) 3. Ampere Meter 4. Analog Meter 5. Panel Meter 6. Clamp Meter 7. Ohm Meter 8. High Voltage Source 9. Frequency Meter 10. Capacitance Meter/Capacitor 11. Inductance Meter 12. Stop Watch, 13. Bridges 14. Decade Box 15. Earth Resistance Meter 16. Insulation tester 17. LCR Meter 18. Hour Meter etc……. Mechanical Calibration:- 1. Venire/Dial/Digital Caliper (up to 300mm) 2. External Micrometer (up to 300mm) 3. Height Gauge ( up to 300mm) 4. Feeler gauge (up to 2mm) 5. Snap gauge (up to 100mm) 6. Dial Thickness gauge (up to 25mm) 7. Depth Micrometer (up to 150 mm) 8. Depth Gauge (up to 150mm) Speed Calibration:- 1. Tachometer (up to 10000 rpm)

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