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Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay Per Click (called as PPC) is the most accountable form of online advertising. Through PPC you get the opportunity to reach the top position in search engines. First we need to define budget for paid advertising and the advertiser pays once the visitor clicks on the site. It implies that you need to pay only when the visitor clicks your website and no amount is used when there is no click on it. You are actually buying the visitors to view your site by using the PPC advertising programs given by Google AdWords. PPC is the way to get to the Top Rank in search engines through paid advertisements. Your advertisement related to your services and products are visible on Google first page when the user is actually searching for your products or services or some information related to your work, while searching with the help of the keywords. Just viewing it on google search engine will not fetch you any cost unless the user actually clicks on your website. visit:-

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