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  • Hair Stylist

    Ruchi Sawhney is one of the most popular and highly recommended hair stylists in Delhi, NCR with a reputation for putting hair health above styling, coloring and other hair rituals. She deals in world-class natural products that have been used and recommended by globally acclaimed hair experts.

  • Olaplex Hair Treatment

    R's Just Hair specializes in Olaplex hair treatments and these services are available at our Gurgaon and South Delhi Salons. We are one of the few Olaplex approved centres in India. Learn more about Olaplex treatment benefits below and set up an appointment here, if you are interested.

  • Hair Perming or Permanent Hair Curling

    Hair Perming, or Permanent Hair waves, or in simple world curly hair styling has never gone out of fashion. Perms bring you the attention you seek and makes you stand out in a crowd. Permed hair with good hair color is the dream of many women but they do not try it for the intricacies involved and fear of hair damage. At, R's Just hair we make sure you get your desired look while keeping the health of your hair our top priority. Our founder, Ruchi Sawhney, is one of the most trusted and highly recommended Hair Stylist in Delhi/Gurgaon who is known for her unique art of hair styling and natural or minimal damage hair care solutions.

  • Hair Smoothening

    We often have to face the problem of rough and dehydrated hair because of our sensitive scalp and delicate hair follicles. Shaggy hair can also be an issue for those who have had their hair colored. We, at R’s Just Hair Salon, understand these issues, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best hair care in the entire Delhi & Gurgaon.

  • Hair Rebonding

    Hair rebonding is a relatively newer process and has been acclaimed to be safer compared to other processes. However, if it really is a safer way to condition your hair or it is just another gimmick to levy more money from customers, we will find out in this article.

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