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Choose the Best Solar Panel Installers Solar Panel on House Installation of Roof top Solar Panel on Houses makes lot of sense. Compared to conventional energy sources solar energy cuts down the electricity bills and ensures uninterrupted electricity at minimum cost. Return on investment is expected between 4 to 5 years thus making the electricity absolutely free for the next 20-21 years. Prevailing high cost of Government electricity has increased the demand for solar panel systems for homes and this increase in demand has resulted in excess supply and reduction in the Solar Cost Per Watt. Photron manufactures best quality solar products in India using world class raw materials and hence you will find our company among the top list of Solar Panel Manufactures in India . Benefits & Features: Eco friendly Best Quality Poly Crystal Cells & Mono Crystal cells Insulation Proof Advanced features Low Carbon Foot Print Low Maintenance 10 to 12 Years Product warranty 25 Years Performance warranty Solar Panel distributors in India may contact us for the terms & conditions and price list of Solar Panels in India.

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