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Legal Services

  • Court Marriage

    ₹15,000 / 01

    Couples from different nationality, religion, and caste can solemnize and register their marriage through a simple procedure carried out in the presence of marriage registrar and 3 witnesses.

  • Marriage Registration

    ₹15,000 / 01

    Just like every marriage, marriage registration is also unique. The set of documents may vary based on your and your spouse’ religion, place of marriage and place of stay.

  • Arya Samaj Marriage

    ₹15,000 / 01

    Marriages in Arya Samaj Mandir are solemnised as per traditional vedic rituals. Couples looking for a simple and economical marriage can opt for Arya Samaj Marriage which can be completed within 2-4 hours.

  • Cheque bounce

    ₹41,000 / 01

    In case of a dishonoured cheque, if there is no payment within 15 days of sending legal notice, you need to file a criminal complaint in Court to recover the amount.

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