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Ladli Foundation Trust has witnessed the lives of people living in slum areas from the most proximate realm. we has seen that prominence of women in these areas is lower than that of animals. Destitution is so deeply rooted that to get their daughters married at an appropriate age and over it in a dignified family seems to be a mirage that can never get shape in pragmatic life. Birth of a male child is a matter of great elation and festivities in any family. But it’s the time to mourn in the highest decibels of despair, if an innocent girl is born in the family of lower strata. As it’s considered that her birth brings in the lifelong baggage of dowry. Right from the inception, efforts are made to save money for her marriage and other significant spheres of life such as educational and extra-curricular growth takes a back seat. Ladli Foundation believes that the most vulnerable prey in India today is an “uneducated poor women”. He gets poignant to see that because of the curse of being uneducated and poor these girls gets molested, raped, dragged to prostitution, abused even within the four walls of domestication. Under such pressure she even resorts to suicide. Revolting is not an option for these girls and even if the family tries they get backfired with the question “Why don’t you get her married?” Ladli Foundation firmly believes that such household which are economically so incompetent the best way to safeguard women out there is to get her married in a family where she can be safe, happy and protected where her off springs at least take birth in a different air of respect. This situation required a much awaited change, a change that could annihilate the title on women of being a burden or a liability imposed on man, that could bestow on them the illumination of education, a change that give them a higher stature in the society .In fact, it required a revolution rather than a change. Ladli Foundation brought this revolution, which not only marked its pr

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