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We at Heels and Shoes strive for the perfect synergy of design, materials and construction in every product.Heels and Shoes, is an initiative of professionals with diverse backgrounds. We aim to engage in development of customised footwear keeping in mind the contemporary style. While style takes centre stage, we ensure that it is never at the expense of comfort. We truly believe that fit and comfort are of paramount importance. Our products are constructed in the most innovative and effective manner possible, with the highest performing materials we can develop. Although Heels and Shoes may seem new business, but we’ve been building our team since 2015 and our deliberate choice of material components, technology in the styles in each category that conspire to live up to all functional requirement. Our goal is to build and grow a brand that stands for its core values transparencyand customers satisfaction. We aim to reach vast customer base spread across the various regions of India in turn bringing about sustenance in growth. The entire idea behind wearing high heel shoes is to feel empowered and remember to keep your chin up and your shoulders back. With these in mind, you don’t want to feel like the step sister of Cinderella, but like Cinderella herself. Most women will think their shoe size remains the same throughout the years, but that’s not necessarily true. With our bodies constantly changing under the influence of other factors, our feet too are prone to swell up and make our shoe size go up by half or even a whole size.

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