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  • Afinitor 10mg Tablets

    Afinitor is an anticancer medicine which contains everolimus. Everolimus helps in reducing blood supply to the tumour which slows down the growth of cancer cells.

  • Hepcinat

    Hepcinat is one of the most efficient medicines that consists of Sofosbuvir and helps in curing Hepatitis C, liver cancer and HIV. If this medicine is taken with some anti-viral medicines, then it can greatly help to lower the level of Hepatitis C virus so as to recover the liver.

  • Erlonat 150

    Erlonat 150 by Gandhi Medicos is the best in its category in New Delhi. The quality of Erlonat 150 is amazing. Erlonat 150 by Gandhi Medicos is among the top 10 in Old Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi. Gandhi Medicos offers great Erlonat 150 deals in New Delhi. Please share your contact details with us using the button below and we will contact you soon with best offers for Erlonat 150.

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