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Eye Surgery - Bharti Eye Hospital

  • Lasik Eye Surgery

    Dr. S. Bharti Is Now Using The Latest Nidek EC5000 Cx3 "Quest" Custom-LASIK Machine For The Most Accurate Results And Safety. The Nidek Cx3 System Incorporates The Latest IRIS REGISTRATION Software To Detect Smallest Error In Eye Rotation (The Torsion Movement) During Laser Vision Correction For More Accurate Correction Of Astigmatism. The Cx3 Is A Wavefront Guided Laser Delivery System For CUSTOM LASIK. The LASIK (Laser-In-Situ Keratimilleusis ) Corrects All Types Of Refractive Errors (Spectacle Powers) Like Myopia (Minus) Hyperopia (Plus) And Astigmatism (Cylinder ). It Can Correct Mixed Powers Also (Cross Compound )

  • Cataract Surgery

    PHACO-EMULSIFICATION For No-Injection – No-Stitch – No-Bandage Cataract Surgery Is Another Field Where Bharti Eye Foundation Is A Leading Center In The Country. Dr. S. Bharti Is The First Surgeon In Delhi To Begin Eye Drop Anaesthesia For Phaco-Cataract Surgery In 1997. Bharti Eye Foundation Was The First To Acquire The Soveriegn Phaco Machine And Zeiss IOL Master In The Asia Pacific For Excellence In This Field.

  • Phacoemulsification

    Phacoemulsification ( Phaco = Lens, Emulsification) Or Phaco As It Is Popularly Called Is A Technique Where The Lens Is Broken Into Small Pieces , Emulsified And Then Aspirated. The ultrasound energy is used to emulsify the cataract. A handpiece with quartz crystals is used to produce the ultrasonic energy which moves the tip of 0.9 to 1.4 mm size back and forth to hit and emulsify the cataract. The whole procedure is performed through an incision size of 3.2 mm in the form of a self sealing tunnel which does not require any stitches for its closure. The "phaco probe" has both irrigation and aspiration through the 3.2 mm and a continuous flow of a balanced fluid goes into the eye and is aspirated out along with emulsified pieces of cataract. The lens has a nucleus in the center, surrounded by epinucleus and then cortex with "capsule" around it and a continuous round hole of approximately 5-6mm (the CCC or Continuous curvilinear CAPSULORRHEXIS) is made so that the phaco tip can directly come into contact with the nucleus to emulsify it.

  • Femto Cataract Eye Surgery

    Bharti Eye Hospital Has Acquired The First LenSx (Alcon USA) Femtosecond Laser For Cataract Surgery In Delhi. LenSx Is Currently The Only FDA (USA) Approved Laser For Cataract Surgery. LASER Cataract surgery refers to bladeless sutureless cataract surgery. This is the latest advancement in cataract surgery. Previously, cataract surgery has been done by Phacoemulsification or 'Phaco' which uses ultrasound energy to emulsify or liquify the cataract so that it can be removed through a 2.2 mm incision. After this is done, a foldable intraocular lens is placed in the eye through the same incision. The incision in phacoemulsification are made using a specialised blade.

  • Smile Laser Eye Surgery

    Bharti Eye Foundation And Hospital Is A Pioneer In Laser Vision Correction Technology In North India Form Almost 3 Decades. Bharti Eye Is The Best Hospital For Laser Vision Correction Surgery. Our Team Consist Of Experienced And Well Trained Refractive Surgeons. Being Pioneers In Laser Vision Correction More Then 1 Lakh Refractive Procedure Have Been Performed At Our Hospital. All Our LASIK Laser Or SMILE Patients Are Happy And Satisfied With The Results. Most Of Our Laser Surgery Patients Come From Delhi And NCR. We Also Receive Many International Patients For LASIK And SMILE Surgery. Bharti Eye Hospital Is The Best Place For SMILE Surgery In Delhi, India For Glass Removal

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