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    Pressure Booster Pumps: Low or varying water pressure is a common issue in residential buildings across India. The consequence is poor showers, trickling taps, slow-filling toilets and inefficient irrigation. In other words, it’s a pure compromise on the desired comfort. Why the water pressure is low in residential buildings? There can be numerous reasons for low water pressure, including: Peak usage, primarily during the mornings and evenings when people shower and cook Multiple open taps in the home The home is at the end of the supply line or on the top floor of a high-rise Any leakage in the mains pipes The solution to deal with low water pressure: With a water booster pump you can increase the water pressure in the water supply system of a residential building and all appliances connected to it, including showers, taps, toilets, washing machines, sprinklers, and others. Water booster pumps are suitable for: Increasing the water pressure delivered by the main lines provide by the city / state corporations Increasing the water pressure from tanks, including roof tanks, break tanks, ground tanks, and rainwater tanks Lifting water from underground tanks and shallow wells until about 8 meters deep to the water table

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